The New Mexico Medical Board is the state agency that regulates the licensing of physicians and physician assistants. It was created in the interest of the public health, safety and welfare to protect the public from the improper, unprofessional, incompetent and unlawful practice of medicine. The primary duties and obligations of the New Mexico Medical Board are to:

  • issue licenses to qualified physicians
  • license qualified physician assistants
  • discipline incompetent or unprofessional physicians or physician assistants
  • aid in the rehabilitation of impaired physicians and physician assistants for the purpose of protecting the public
Karen Carson, MDChairRoswell
Kathy L. Johnson, PAVice ChairAlbuquerque
Eileen Barrett, MDPhysician MemberAlbuquerque
Mark Edward Unverzagt, MDPhysician MemberAlbuquerque
Bradley Scoggins, DOSecretary TreasurerFarmington
Kristin Reidy, DOPhysician MemberSanta Fe
Buffie SaavedraPublic MemberAlbuquerque

The Board

The Board consists of eleven members: eight physician members, one physician assistant member and two members representing the public. All members are appointed by the Governor.

Hearing Notices

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