Policies and Positions

Pain Management

The management of pain by New Mexico physicians is regulated by the Pain Relief Act, Sections 24-2D-1 through 24-2D-5, NMSA 1978, and Section 16.10.14 NMAC of the Board rules, adopted January 20, 2003. Anyone who has questions about pain management should review these documents.

Pain Relief Act
Joint Statement on the Management of Chronic Pain
Rule 16.10.14 - Management of Chronic Pain With Controlled Substances


New Mexico allows a non-physician to perform laser or light activated hair removal. However, these services to be performed under the supervision of a licensed physician. The rules require:

the supervising physician must have interviewed the patient and recorded appropriate history and physical information;

the unlicensed person who will be performing the hair removal must have been trained on the procedure;

the supervising physician must be on the immediate premises at all times during the procedure;

the unlicensed person performing the service must be fully insured under the physician's medical malpractice policy;

the patient must be informed that the person providing the service is not a physician; and

the Board must have a record of non-licensed staff who are performing these services.

Complete information is provided in Part 16 NMAC 10.13 of the Rules.