Governing Statute & Rules

New Mexico Statutes

Below you will find links to the text for the state law and rules that govern the practice of medical doctors and physicians in New Mexico. This information is provided for your convenience and may not be correct, complete or current.

The official text of the Medical Practice Act is available at Please follow the links to New Mexico Statutes: Statutory Chapters in New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978; Chapter 61 Occupational and Professional Licensing; Article 6, Medicine and Surgery.

Medical Practice Act

Medical Board Rules

Part 1 General Provisions
Part 2 Physicians: Licensure Requirements
Part 3 Examinations
Part 4 Continuing Medical Education
Part 5 Disciplinary Power Of The Board
Part 6 Complaint Procedure and Institution Of Disciplinary Action
Part 7 License Expiration, Renewal and Reinstatement
Part 8 Medical Ethics
Part 9 Fees
Part 10 Report of Settlement and Judgements, Adverse Actions and Credentialing Discrepancies
Part 11 Physicians Supervising Pharmacist Clinicians
Part 12 Supervision Of Non-Licensed Physicians
Part 13 Delegated Use of Devices and Procedures by Medical Assistants; Cosmetic Injections
Part 14 Management of Pain with Controlled Substances
Part 15 Physician Assistants: Licensure and Practice Requirements
Part 16 Administering, Prescribing And Distribution of Medications
Part 17 Management of Medical Records
Part 18 Reserved
Part 19 Qualifications and Licensure for Anesthesiologist Assistants
Part 20 Polysomnographic Technologists: Licensure and Practice Requirements
Part 21 Genetic Counselors: Licensure and Practice Requirements
Rules 16.6.1 - 16.6.11 NMAC Naprapathic Practitioners