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Filing a Complaint with the New Mexico Medical Board

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Physician or Physician Assistant Complaint Form

The jurisdiction of the Medical Board ("Board") is limited to the licensing and discipline of medical doctors, physician assistants, naprapaths, sleep techs, anesthesiology assistants and genetic counselors. The Board can only impose disciplinary licensure measures against a licensee found to have violated the Medical Practice Act or Board Regulations. The Board has no jurisdiction over other healthcare providers, healthcare facilities or hospitals. The Board has no jurisdiction to resolve billing disputes between a licensee and a patient, and generally encourages patients to resolve billing disputes without filing a complaint with the Board unless the allegations consist of a pattern of unethical billing by the licensee, or billing for services that were not provided.

If a person believes that a licensee is posing a danger to public safety, the Board encourages that person to file a complaint with the Board. All complaints must be submitted in writing and must have an original signature. Upon receipt of a written complaint, it will be reviewed in order to determine whether the complaint alleges facts that constitute a violation of the laws administered by the Board.

Any complaints received from a person who wishes to remain anonymous, or any complaints filed by a person that does not have firsthand knowledge of the allegations contained in the complaint, will first be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Board to determine whether or not a formal investigation is warranted and on whose behalf.

Pursuant to NMSA 1978, § 61-6-34, all information and records maintained in the investigation file are confidential and are not available to the public, except in the event that the matter goes to a formal hearing, in which case portions of the investigation file may be disclosed pursuant to the Uniform Licensing Act at 61-1-8.

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