Polysomnographic Technologists

Applications for Polysomnographic Technologist Licensure

The Polysomnography Practice Act (Sections 61-6B-1 through 61-6B-10) authorizes the New Mexico Medical Board to license qualified professional polysomnographic technologists to engage in the practice of polysomnography. Polysomnographic Technologists perform diagnostic and therapeutic tasks under the general supervision of a licensed physician, such as: monitoring and recording physiologic activity and data during the evaluation or treatment of sleep-related disorders.

All Polysomnographic Technologists practicing in New Mexico will need to be licensed effective July 1, 2010. Licensure and practice requirements are detailed in Title 16, Chapter 10, Part 20 of the NM Medical Board regulations.


Pursuant to Section 61-6B-3 of the Polysomnography Practice Act, effective July 1, 2010, any person engaged in the practice of polysomnography must have a valid Polysomnographic Technologist, Technician or Trainee license issued by the New Mexico Medical Board.

This is a warning to all Polysomnographic Technologists, Technicians and Trainees that are practicing in New Mexico without a valid New Mexico license.

You have until February 9, 2012 to become licensed or face disciplinary action.

This is also a reminder that any licensed Polysomnographic Technologist, Technician or Trainee who fails to renew their license by March 1, 2012 or by the end of the grace period of May 1, 2012 and continues to practice is guilty of a fourth degree felony and subject to action by the District Attorney's office. Persons practicing without a license shall be sentenced under the provisions of the Criminal Sentencing Act and are subject to a fine not to exceed $5,000.00 pursuant to Section 61-6-20 of the Medical Practice Act.

Application Form & Rules

Polysomnography Practice Advisory Committee (PPAC)

Committee Member Appointed Term Expires
Craig Eaves, RPSGT, Chair 8/22/08 7/01/12
Vicki Champagne, RPSGT 11/11/11 7/01/15
Lee Brown, MD 8/22/08 7/01/12
Judy Holcombe 8/22/08 7/01/14
Grant La Farge, MD 8/22/08