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MyLicense Renewal

General Questions

What is the advantage of renewing my license online?
When you renew your license online, you will receive immediate confirmation that your payment has been received and that your application for licensure renewal will be processed. In most cases, renewing online will improve processing time because it will not require staff to enter payment information, make address corrections, or review (and possibly return) renewals for completeness.

Can my office assistant complete my online license renewal?
The licensee is solely responsible for providing the information requested on the renewal form. This includes questions about completion of CME, problems with alcohol or drugs, disciplinary actions in other states, arrests and convictions, etc. If you delegate your license renewal to a staff person you will still be held responsible for the information provided, so be sure to personally review the answers provided! You will have the opportunity to review and revise any answers when you get to the "Finish" page. When you click on the "I Agree" link you are submitting the information on the renewal form and the program will take you to the payment page.

Why can't I submit my information and/or complete my transaction?
Be sure that you have a current browser. You can download the latest versions free by following one of these links:

Get the latest Internet Explorer
Get the latest Mozilla Firefox

Another issue could be your security settings.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer, the "Security" level should be set at "Medium" or lower and the "Privacy" setting should be on "Medium-high" or lower. You can find tabs where you can adjust both of these settings by clicking the "Internet Options…" selection under the "Tools" menu at the top of your browser.

On Mozilla Firefox, Cookies should be enabled in the "Privacy" tab on the "Options" panel under the "Tools" menu at the top of your browser.

What do I do if my Name, Social Security Number or Date of Birth is incorrect?
Notify the Board in writing and submit a copy of your Social Security Card or Birth Certificate, along with an original signature and date. If you have changed your name, please submit a copy of the legal document, i.e., marriage license, along with your request. If there is a minor correction to your name, we have you listed as "Robert J" and you are known as "R James" please send us the correction in writing so we have documentation of why the change was made. There is a limit of 30 characters, including spaces for your full name.

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?
If you have any questions about renewing your license please call the Board office at 505-476-7227 or in-state toll free, 800-945-5845. Staff is generally available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mountain Time, or email us at

Registration/Log in Questions

What is the difference between signing up and logging in?
New users need to "Register" using their license number and PIN number so we can match you with your unique license information. Your PIN number is located on the renewal notice that was sent to all physicians with a license expiring in 2008. During the registration process you will select a User Name and Password. After you have registered, you can then "login". Logging in, with the unique user name and password that you create during registration, ensures a secure and private transaction. You must login to access our online services.

I'm entering my License Number and Registration Code but I can't get logged in. What's the problem?
First, make sure you are on the "Register – Search for Your License" page and not the "Welcome to Online Licensing" page. The problem may also be how you are entering your license number and PIN number. Only use the numerical keys to enter your license number (you may have letters as part of the license "number"). Your PIN is case-sensitive. You must enter the numbers and letters exactly as they are printed on your renewal postcard. I can be hard to differentiate between the number "0" and the capital letter "O" or the number "1" and the letter "l," so if you are have having trouble, you may want to try an alternative (if there is one!).

What if I forget my User ID?
You can sign up as a new user using your previously supplied license number and PIN number.

Can I change my password?
Yes. Selecting "Forgot Password" allows your password to be reset if you answer your previously provided question correctly.

Will I lose my work if I log out and come back later?
No. Clicking on "Complete" for each step will save your information to our database. You can log back in and finish those steps not yet checked off.

Renewal Process Questions

After I renew my license online, how soon will I receive my license?
If you have met all Board renewal requirements and there are no credit card transaction difficulties, you should receive your license in 5 to 7 business days. This may be delayed depending on your answers to the professional practice questions. Please renew early to assure the renewal is completed before the deadline!

What if I want to change the status of my license to "Inactive" or "Retired" during the renewal?
You cannot change your license status online. If you would like to change your license status, you are required to submit a written renewal application and any applicable fee to the Board for processing.

How do I tell if my online license renewal process was successful?
You will receive a confirmation message following a successful renewal application process. You are encouraged to print the confirmation message for your records.

How soon will my renewal be confirmed?
Confirmation will be available by the close of the next business day. You can check your license status by logging back in to the online renewal program. If your license is no longer eligible for renewal it means your initial submission has been processed. You may also check the Physician Locator on the Board website to check your license expiration date. The answer you provide to some professional practice questions may delay the processing of your renewal. For example, if you have had action against your license in another state, your New Mexico license will not be renewed until we receive a copy, from you, of the relevant action(s).

Why does the renewal fee appear higher than what I expected?
If you are renewing late, the authorized late fee is automatically added to the renewal fee.

Payment Questions

What credit/debit cards are accepted?
Visa and MasterCard credit cards and debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Can my credit card information be saved with my User ID and password for the next time that I use online services?
No. For your security, credit card information is not retained after the transaction is processed.

Are my financial transactions protected from improper disclosure?
Yes, the online licensing site uses 128-bit encryption to ensure secure transmission.

Can I get a receipt for my online transaction?
You SHOULD print a confirmation at the time of your transaction. You cannot go back and print a confirmation at a later time, as your credit card information is not retained after the transaction is processed.

How will the credit card transaction show up on my statement?
Your credit card bill will show a payment to "State of NM Reg."

Why won't the website accept my credit card information?
There are many reasons why credit card information may not be accepted. The billing information must be entered exactly as it appears on the credit card statement. Be sure that you do not use any hyphens "-", underlines"_", or spaces when you type your credit card number. If you find that all data is complete and correct, but the card is still not accepted, try a different card. Please do not call the Board regarding invalid credit cards.